To own a house by the sea is one of the most ideal of living situations, and not just because of its idyllic and picturesque nature. When you’re near the water, you feel calm and content, and you’d do anything to make that moment last forever—or to have it become part of your day-to-day life.

When you think of waterside living, you might picture somewhere far away from the city. But nowadays, you no longer have to choose between the former and the latter. Take Azuela Cove, for instance. The first seaside estate of Ayala Land is named for its proximity to the serene blue waters that lap at the edge of Davao City, as well as the wood-factory history of the land on which it stands.

The physical health benefits of living close to the water are often discussed, but in recent years, scientific studies have supported why people naturally find themselves drawn to bodies of water, whether it be lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Biologist Wallace J. Nichols has coined the term “blue mind” to explain the peaceful, meditative state the brain enters when people are near the water. When it takes hold, there is an increase in hormones associated with positive feelings, such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, while levels of a stress hormone called cortisol have been observed to drop.

Because Azuela Cove is located along the Davao Gulf, residents will be able to experience the carefree clarify that comes with living by the water , without ever having to leave their homes. The cool blue shades of the water will generate feelings of tranquility, as according to psychology, the color is said to decrease respiration and lower blood pressure. The sound of the waves, meanwhile, has proven to increase concentration and promote a state of relaxation.

Azuela Cove may be in a convenient spot next to the sea, but it’s also only a 20-minute drive from Davao International Airport, a 25-hectare mixed use development that will hold spaces for business, leisure and institutions, such as The Shops at Azuela Cove and the world-class St. Luke’s Medical Center. It is also designed for sustainable, environmentally friendly living featuring a man-made forest, a landscape occupied by endemic Filipino plant species, and facilities that catch and conserve rainwater. It even fosters a walkable community through lush gardens and paths. The first residential building to plant its roots in Azuela Cove will be Ayala Land Premier’s The Residences at Azuela Cove, a 21-storey condominium providing unprecedented views of both Samal Island and Davao Gulf, as well as a vantage point of Mt. Apo. This is a place where one can have the instant-gratification convenience and comfort of the city with the serenity and natural beauty of the sea.

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