There are brands that are carefully crafted—their look and feel meticulous and self-aware almost to a fault—and there are those whose identity is never second guessed.

When Tracianne Estrada first launched her swimwear line a little over a year ago, there was little question that Float fell in with the latter.

The key to this is that Float is a direct devolution from Estrada herself. A byproduct of her constant wandering, the brand takes its cues from surf, skate, and the need to marry both with style that doesn’t meddle with what’s practical.

As she puts it, “the Float girl is someone who loves to travel. She loves the outdoors, sports, and doesn’t mind getting dirty. She values comfort but still wants to look cute in what she has on.”photo-2

This persona of the Float girl is apparent in the brand’s every aspect, from the cuts of their suits to the display of their store.

The shop, located in Adora and the first physical store since Estrada first launched on Instagram, doesn’t miss a beat. “Float is for the modern and active woman. We love trends but we always put a classic spin to it—in a way that’s what we wanted the space to embody,” she says.

With the little wiggle room it has, Float’s store stands in defense of the year-long summer. “My sister (Trasienne Estrada) and I wanted to make our corner feel like a mini vacation. We want them to feel inspired to try something new or feel more excited about their upcoming trip the moment they step into our shop corner.”


To help bring their Instagram identity into physical form, they worked with interior designer Martina Bautista. “Martina is very hip,” Estrada says. “She knows her pantones well so it wasn’t hard for us to make this vision come to life. I really wanted the summer spirit without going over the top. Martina made sure our colors and finish were still muted and not tacky.”

Of course, much of the store had already been ready before they needed it to be. “The stuff there just came from our room” she says. “My sister collects all this quirky furniture (multicolored chairs, vintage tables, globes) and mats.” This, of course, is Float’s greatest asset. Where other brands look to design curation as an affected step, Float has only to look to its Float girls. – Arianna Lim

Float Swim at Adora is located on the third floor of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.

Photos by JL Javier

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