If it were up to me, expressions of love need not bear the weight of an expiration date. But, alas. Unless your beau knows a good farm-to-florist purveryor, we all know a Ming vase of long-stemmed hydrangeas can only go so far; it’s a few days at home and 100 likes on Instagram, 150 if you’re lucky.

Valentine’s day may have come and gone but it is still February after all. It’s the month of love, of fresh-cut flowers and heart-shaped things, if you missed the festivities, it’s never too late to celebrate. A post v-day box of chocolate maybe? Absolutely not, commitment and excess calories don’t mix.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to be both sweet yet smart in your gifting. We’ve got just the thing: a bottle of Jo Malone London’s newest bespoke scent “Red Roses”. What’s not to love?

Inspired by the essence of modern romance, Red Roses is a voluptuous blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite rose variants. With crush violet leaves and a hint of lemon, it unfolds like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers — albeit in bottle, candle or jar form.

Quintessential British brand Jo Malone London is built on a specialized approach to fragrances. Each house scent is designed to be mixed, to be paired, to be layered, to be made your own — for its newest addition to its Manila roster of artisanal scent lines, The Edition welcomes Red Roses just in time for February.

Clear and romantic, with top notes of lemon, a heart of scarlet velvet rose and a base of honeycomb. Red Roses comes with a complete collection of colognes, body and hand washes, body crèmes and home candles.

Be cheesy yet considered in your choices for hearts-day gifting — go out of your way to show some love. Jo Malone London presents a Valetine’s day gift that comes closest to “forever” without busting out a diamond ring.


Jo Malone London is available at Greenbelt 5 or follow @jomalonelondon on Instagram

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