With yet another year to usher in, new adventures await. For the restless traveler, The Edition has put together a list of great escapes that will take you from the fjords of Iceland to the markets or Marrakesh. We venture north of the Sahara Desert to a land where mysticism and history blend like a warm cuppa:

Marrakesh, Morocco

The thought of Morocco paints a rather exotic romance: Arabian nights, heady perfume, and fateful gin joints where old love never dies. Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, showed us a world where chic lovers found each other in a time of war. But while the thought of this Moroccan city evokes so much emotion, a case should be made for the country’s bustling capital.

Marrakesh is foremost the home to Morocco’s largest souk, in which traditional Berber carpets (to match the rattan furniture one may have found in a Bethnal Green boot sale) and kitschy crafts come together. More than a shopping mecca, so to speak, Marrakesh proves itself to be a contemporary tourist hotspot for a reason. Moorish architecture can be seen everywhere, despite the city’s rapid modernization. The food, of course, is primarily couscous, but a venture into smaller haunts might just lead one to the odd bit of gastronomic treasure. There is certainly romance to be had here, and in Marrakesh, you can be it’s not quite what one expects. —Marga Buenaventura

Art by Maine Manalansan

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