In an ideal world, the holidays do not involve battling it out with droves of frantic shoppers and wading through insurmountable traffic. To relieve the worst of the season’s stress, The Edition has put together a list of great escapes that will take you from the fjords of Iceland to the markets or Marrakesh. We begin, fittingly, with Mr. Claus’ own homebase:

The Arctic Circle

This is the trip for those who think they’ve seen it all.

Of course, the Arctic Circle is not a specific destination per se. Strictly speaking, traveling through the points of this imaginary line could take you to Iceland, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, or Alaska. Regardless of where you end up, this is certainly not a holiday for those to whom “vacation” means simply lying about.

Particularly between the months of September and March, most itineraries revolve around catching a glimpse of the mesmerizing aurora borealis–and rightly so. But there is much to see outside of the lights show both above and nearby the Arctic Circle. Explore the possibility of surfing the icy waves of northern Norway–yes, even in winter–dogsledding, and hiking through the tundra, before finally winding down in luxurious hotels made from snow and ice. – Arianna Lim

Art by Maine Manalansan

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