With its fine white sand and pristine waves all across its 750-meter stretch of beach, El Nido Resorts’ Pangulasian Island, also known as the “Island of the Sun,” boasts a lush tropical forest backdrop and magical, unfiltered views where the sun rises and sets.

For the third year in a row, the Palawan hideaway has made Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List, which highlights the most luxurious and beautiful hotels around the world. Featured under the category Our Favorite Hotels in the World, out of selections across six continents and 54 countries, Pangulasian Island is the only island resort from the Philippines to be given such a distinction. It has also been selected as an Editor’s Pick for favorite beach resorts and recognized as one of the Top Resorts in Asia in the Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards.



The island resort stands out and goes above and beyond as a summer destination with personalized service, world-class Filipino design with eco-friendly fusion, and its commitment to sustainability. Guests can choose from 42 deluxe accommodations in four styles to suit their needs: tree-top canopy villas that provide the most expansive views of the island; beach villas with immediate access to the sand and surf; pool villas with their own private pools, and the Kalaw villas in secluded coves, which are with their own lap pools and sala sets for intimacy and utmost privacy.

Take a leisurely stroll down the vast expanse of the beach, or take diving lessons, or go snorkeling and explore the breathtaking underwater scenery. Other activities include sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and lagoon tours. After a long day under the sun, relax at the poolside and beach bars, have a picnic, or head to the spa.



Pangulasian Island is also a true sanctuary not only to its guests, but also to native wildlife. Its sustainable practices promote a mindful culture, encouraging and educating guests to make the least impact on the environment possible. Such practices include proper waste management, coastal cleanups, and the conservation of water, energy, and nature, as well as measures to protect turtles, clams, reefs, and more. There are even artificial reef modules installed in the devastated dive site Tres Marias—the second in the world to receive the ceramic modules, following Indonesia’s Bunaken National Park.

If you’re in need of a fancy-free vacation that’s nonetheless educational and environmentally conscious, look no further. The turquoise—and now consistently awarded—waters of Pangulasian Island await.

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