By Jam Pascual / Photos by JL Javier

The home of Tracie Anglo-Dizon could double as the secret chamber of a souvenir shop, the private room where your go-to merchant keeps all the good stuff. Because a house like Dizon’s isn’t just a storage unit for knick-knacks. It’s a treasure trove.

The eclectic home of Tracie Anglo Dizon

This should come as no surprise. Dizon is the Creative Director of A2A, Asia’s first tour and safari specialists for Africa, Latin America and Antarctica, though it seem Africa holds a special place in her heart. She keeps a tribal crown on display, surprisingly heavy despite its beaded texture. She bought it off an artisan, and the money she doled out helped feed a town. The skull of a hartebeest hangs on the wall near her kitchen, neat white bone, acquired after the animal died of natural cause. And she paints—the colors of every land she’s visited manage to find themselves on her canvas.

The unique kitchen of Tracie Anglo Dizon

A touch of culture at Tracie Anglo Dizon's home

Dizon is not your average traveler,, which means she knows how to pack—travel light, take with you only what’s important, bring back what matters. The same essentialist philosophy applies to her home, smatterings of culture decorating an otherwise minimalist space. Every object has a history, its context stark against the subdued colors of Dizon’s walls.

The living room of Tracie Anglo Dizon


And if you were her position, you’d probably give your dwelling some breathing space. If you’ve been to the vast plains of Africa, felt the natural vitality of Latin America, or witnessed the striking wide emptiness of Antarctica, you’re bound to come back to Manila feeling as if your home city looked more in disarray than usual. You’d want to tidy up. “You come home simpler. You realize you don’t need so much,” Dizon says, reflecting on her takeaways from her travels. Her home reflects that—not so much bare necessity, but contentment.


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