It isn’t often that the words “luxurious” and “eco-conscious” can be used in tandem. When confronted with the islands of Palawan, however, it would be a great disservice to let the former flourish to the detriment of the latter.

Pangulasian Islands is a stunning resort by every measure. Because it’s a member of the El Nido Resorts group, guests can expect nothing short of first-rate self-indulgence. From spacious villas that open right onto the powder-fine sand to private pools and sunset cruises, the resort on the “island of the sun”–so named because it offers excellent views of both the sunrise and the sunset–knows how to treat visitors who are particular about their pampering.

Having said that, luxury establishments are no rarity. What truly puts Pangulasian Islands on the map of discerning travellers, then, is its commendable commitment to sustainability.

01. Pangulasian Island - Aerial View

The villas, their high ceilings and decked out amenities allowing for a grand first impression, were designed to let in natural light to reduce energy use, and were also fitted with efficient bulbs for when you can’t make do with the former. To keep a lid on water consumption and sea contamination, El Nido Resorts runs a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant and a rainwater catchment system while also making use of low-flow devices in its restrooms.

The most notable aspect of the resort’s eco-conscious thrust, however, is that it has built the guest experience around the environment, rather than allowing natural resources to take a hit for the sake of a memorable vacation. Absent are any jest-skis and motorized marine sports equipment, while boats are fitted with eco-friendly engines that are consistently maintained and upgraded to keep harmful emissions at a low. Even their food is served on the basis of sustainability: Majority of the menu makes use of locally and organically produced vegetables and locally reared livestock.

In due recognition of the resort’s efforts, late last year Pangulasian Islands was named Southeast Asia’s Best Sustainable Boutique Hotel at the World Boutique Hotel Awards. As travellers of both the budget and indulgent variety become increasingly conscious of the environmental footprints of their getaways, it is gratifying to know that the El Nido Resorts group is already two steps ahead. – Arianna Lim

Photos courtesy of El Nido Resorts.

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