With its interior design roots, Space Encounters Gallery has continually set itself apart thanks to immersive and intimate exhibitions, the art pieces shown in the space alongside the brand’s mid-century modern furniture, highlighting how seamlessly art can weave itself into our homes and our daily lives.

Christina Dy’s solo show “Wild Orchids,” the latest exhibit, marks a first in terms of collaboration: Dy was heavily involved in the interior design process, her work and her input helping to transform the space into a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. The concept aims to be a testament to how art enhances the check-in experience, and pays homage to how modern hotels have traded clean comfort and elegance for more quirk and personality.




At Space Hotel, Dy’s artwork can be found in elaborate backdrops: A lavish bedroom, a rustic dining area, a bathroom complete with a tub, and a lounge area that’s full of character, where they can be found hanging framed on the walls—as well as on pillowcases, upholstery fabric, and even labels for shampoo bottles, matches, and slippers. A mural is in full bloom in the bath, and patterns come to life on the wallpaper in the bedroom.




Dy, who studied at the University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts, discovered painting as an outlet following heartbreak. It’s telling that her tendency is to create art out of fixation. In “Wild Orchids,” sketches of bare masculine silhouettes in various poses and states of movement coexist with images of orchids, evoking passion and warmth, grace and fluidity. The body of work also subtly but boldly subverts gender norms: Flowers may be more commonly associated with the female form, and the naked male bodies may present a certain sensuality, but as they come together, they appear more organic and natural, eschewing connotations of gender altogether.

A fervent pole dancer, Dy shares that the activity has led her to further appreciating the human body, and this is evident in “Wild Orchids.” The black, white, and cream of the human form gradually gives way to soft blues and pinks until they blossom to fuller and more vivid shades of navy and burgundy. The strokes are repetitive and deliberate; the results tender and delicate. From the playful hotel setting that allows for practical applications of her art to the delicate fusion of floral imagery and anatomy, the exhibit is a confident demonstration of Dy’s ability to play with form.

“Wild Orchids” is open to the public until July 26, 2018 at Space Encounters Gallery, located at 7D Padilla Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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