We live in a time in which making a living is now more commonly done in your PJs than a pantsuit. But while there may be relief in working from the comfort of home and avoiding the ever-pulsating traffic, you have to admit that it gets lonely sometimes, and cabin fever is never fun. Enter Paseo 59C, a coworking space designed to meet your needs and more.

The brainchild of Jean Paul and Patricia Cheung, 59C first came to mind during the couple’s honeymoon as they visited cafes in Amsterdam. “Everyone was sharing and working,” Patricia recalls. “So we were thinking, ‘Why don’t we do [a coworking space], and at the same time, they can eat?’”

The resulting space belongs in a residential compound converted for commercial use; the C in 59C stands not only for its actual address, but also its four main features: CoWork, Chow, Coffee, and Cocktails. “When people come here, they always say that they feel like they’re home, so they end up eating,” Patricia says. “It’s like a whole experience for everyone.”

Since it’s located in what used to be a house, the Cheungs decided to decorate 59C to look lived-in: framed pictures, art, and even surfboards adorn the walls, the furniture is mismatched (“but not too shabby-chic,” Patricia insists with a laugh), and there’s even a garden area with fake grass on the steps. To provide a good working environment, customers can make use of dividers for exclusivity and privacy.

The menu, which Patricia describes as a collaboration between herself and her husband, is “East meets West,” entailing a lot of Asian flair and twists to classic comfort food. Best-sellers include General Tso’s pao with sweet and sour chicken, the Kansi-picao, or beef salpicao with kansi gravy (a tribute to Patricia’s Ilonggo roots), and the appropriately named Brunchfast of Champions: crispy bacon, longganisa, siomai, sesame slaw, and a fried egg on top of fried rice, with kropek on the side. The chow mein, an all-time favorite of Jean Paul’s, is served in a whimsical Chinese restaurant to-go box.

When you’re done with work and game for some merry times, try the gin and tonic with cucumber and lime, or, if you want a little break but still need to power through, there’s the Cold Brew Bang, which is bourbon with slurp salted caramel cold brew. The taste of the liquor is quick to hit, but the aftertaste of the coffee makes for the perfect buzz.

“What I learned about my husband,” says Patricia, “is when he does a menu, he thinks he’s the one eating.” Jean Paul, she adds, likes value for money—food that’s worth your while, and always worth another go. “And he’s right,” his wife concludes. “People always come back.” – Fiel Estrella


Photos by JL Javier

Paseo 59C is located at 59 Paseo de Roxas, Salcedo Village, Makati.

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