There’s something wholly uncomplicated about living by the sea. Far from the busy city and the suburbs that are just a little too cookie-cutter and neat, the seaside as a home is one where adventure beckons and time becomes an afterthought. Idyllic and quaint, like treating yourself to an eternal summer—it’s a dream and a half.

At the leisure community Anvaya Cove, located on the coast of Morong, Bataan, that dream is a tangible possibility. Families and individuals have found worry-free sanctuaries amidst natural landscapes and lush terrain. As part of Ayala Land Premier’s commitment to environmentally friendly leisure and living, developments on Anvaya Cove follow the lay of the land, where migratory birds, sea turtles, and endemic wildlife, are able to roam free and live undisturbed.

If all of this sounds like just the spot you need to get away and experience something a little different, you’ll find a safe haven in the Sea Breeze Verandas, the latest and final phase of the community’s mid-rise residences.

The Sea Breeze Verandas are located on the highest portion of the Cove, at 120 meters above sea level. With five buildings and a total of 319 units, it’s specifically designed to allow more natural light and to follow the natural flow of the wind from the sea: large windows and doorways, beautifully kept trees, and corridors designed to entertain natural breezeways. And despite its penchant for open spaces, you never have to worry about exclusivity, security, and privacy—or much of anything, really.

Residents of the Sea Breeze Verandas can put their golf skills to the test at the Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club, where they’ll find the 18-hole, 7,030-yard golf course designed by Kevin Ramsey of Golf Plan USA, which was recently awarded Best Golf Course in the Philippines by Asian Golf. The club also offers a leasing program for seasonal residents, providing furnishing as well as maintenance and repairs, and handling renters.

There’s also the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club—after a long day of leisure at the Subic Freeport or an afternoon spent experiencing Bataan’s other cultural attractions, members can dine in two restaurants, relax at the spa, participate in water sports, and splash around in the pool. They can even go camping, and of course, the beach is always waiting, waves calm and sure.

With its proximity to 3.5 kilometers of coastline, the Sea Breezes Verandas lives up to its name. There’s a great chance you’ll be lucky enough to take in breathtaking views of the West Philippine Sea and the Zambales Mountains right from your own bedroom window. Here, life can be one long beach vacation, a permanent stay at the most beautiful resort. Truly, you deserve nothing less.

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