The color blue has always evoked a string of calming qualities: from the deep sapphire of open waters on a good fishing day to the cornflower hues of a beloved pair of jeans. Blue is equal parts sophisticated, powerful — masculine, at times — and always with a touch of modernity.


It’s no surprise that Ralph Lauren Fragrances has reimagined this hue with Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Eau de Parfum. This new Eau de Parfum takes its cue from its classic Eau de Toilette, and arranges a medley of fresh and aquatic notes of its original iteration. With its higher concentration of fragrance oil, the Eau de Parfum offers a masculine intensity.

As seen through its cobalt blue bottle, Polo Ralph Lauren Blue was inspired by Caneel Bay on the island of St. John. Its inner workings reveal a sporting man in mind. The scent’s vibrant top note is of sparkling bergamot; citrusy and crisp with a bit of cardamom for aquatic freshness. Its warm core contains a more sensual experience: floral blue orris, to balance out the citrus spiciness of the top note. The base is a smooth fragrance of vetiver, its woody scent a rich and refined ending.

With its flask-shaped bottle in a luxe metal-inspired shape, Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Eau de Parfum is an ode to the highlights of comforts we rarely indulge in. It speaks of adventures that remain up in the air, of foreign seas waiting to be discovered. And always, with a sense of calm that one is right where they’re supposed to be. —Margarita Buenaventura

Polo Ralph Lauren Blue is available in a 125 ml, 75 ml, and 40ml Eau de Parfum.

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