There’s nothing quite like conquering the highway without a care in the world, wind in your hair optional. Wherever you’re going, you deserve a drive that’s smooth and efficient. And there’s no better car for the job than a BMW.

These three letters are synonymous with luxury that’s both timeless and always daring to move forward with pioneering technology and features that make every trip a thrill ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to a quick brunch with family or friends, cruising along EDSA, or finally taking that road trip you’ve needed for a while. A BMW gets you where you need to go—and the journey is definitely as worthwhile as the destination.

Here are some of the latest models showcased at the recent BMW Xpo 2017.



Classy and stylish, there’s no calling the BMW 5 “sensible.” But with highly interactive and intuitive features, it’s not just a sophisticated choice—it’s also a practical one. Compromise nothing and drive exactly the way you want, with a comfortable cabin, rear heated seats, and intelligent voice control. There’s also optional gesture control, where hand motions are able to control navigation, communication, and entertainment.



The flagship car of BMW, the 7 series is elegant, but it’s also a heart-stopper. The BMW 7 sedans integrate more innovations than any of its contemporaries, essentially giving you a preview of the future of transportation and luxury travel. Its carbon core provides a lower center of gravity that improves agility, and you’re in complete control with hand motions, a touch command tablet, and remote parking using the display key. You may even want to give up the driver’s seat sometimes, because the rear executive lounge seating has legroom to die for and a massage function.


BMW M2 and M4

The M series, which stands for Motorsport, introduces special modifications to classic BMW models so they can literally go the extra mile—from engines and interior trims to aerodynamics and exterior features, these cars can really set themselves apart.

The M4 Competition package has a 160 mph top speed and comes in exclusive colors for both Coupe and Convertible variants. It has an electric motor that varies power distribution between wheels for sharp turns, and a full-color head-up display that projects driving information. The all-new M2 Coupe, meanwhile, exceeds limits with a pure performance: the TwinScroll turbo feature prevents delays or lags, and the Overboost creates more movement. And for drivers who are always on the go, it also has wireless charging and a built-in WiFi hotspot.

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