The Spring Festival is always a good time for a bit of change, and Feng Shui is always a great help. But because Chinese geomancy tends to change in terms of auspiciousness, we turn to the experts who know better. This time around, we sought out the knowledge of Feng Shui Master Marites Allen.

Miss Allen is the first and only Filipina to be awarded the prestigious “Master in Feng Shui” title by the International Feng Shui Association. She has shared her expertise in Feng Shui to big businesses, government, entertainment, and through the numerous books she has written.

In between promoting her new set of guides of horoscope forecasts for 2017, the Feng Shui Master shares a bit of wisdom on making the most out of the Year of the Fire Rooster, regardless of one’s own sign.

Understanding is key.

There is an importance of understanding. Why do you need Feng Shui? People have to understand that you as a person living in this house have your own luck. And it’s also the house you’re living in. There are energies of the year that we have to follow. For example, in 2017 the lucky sectors of the house are the north, northeast, east, and southeast. So we cure the bad sectors with some… we call them the pangontra or cures. And the good sectors, we enhance with good symbols.

Feng Shui allows self-help, but experts are helpful.

When you’re starting Feng Shui, you need a tool — your books, your horoscopes. That’s the way to do it. You really have to have an expert and consult an expert, because you need a floor plan. You just cannot simply do things, and what if you put it in the wrong location?

Common sense goes a long way.

But assuming you don’t know any Feng Shui master around or you’re too lazy to read the list, common sense is important. For example, do not invite cactus in the house. Cacti have stunted growth, right? And they have a lot of prickly things, we call it the poison arrow. So that’s not good. Or if your house or kitchen is on top of a master’s bedroom, it’s no good. Because you’re burning the luck of the parents, right? And do not sleep where the beam is on top of your head. It’s not very healthy. Those are things that you can do.

Clean up before Chinese New Year.

Broken plates and other broken things are not good, because it’s about poverty. So before Chinese New Year, do cleaning and decluttering. By creating a space, you’re inviting new things to come. So if you ask me, in my own little way, I throw things everyday. I give them away also. So sometimes you receive all these gifts that you don’t need, it’s piling up. Time to let go. I have a small box in my wardrobe. Whenever I feel like pulling out things that I do not like anymore that I know somebody else will like, I put it in that box. And I don’t look back.

Interview by Marga Buenaventura

Marites Allen’s new set of books are horoscope forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs this Year of the Rooster. Each book is available for P399 in National Book Store worldwide. You may also find her  2017 Almanac and Calendar for P780 and 2017 Daily Planner for P880.

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