Though Ayala Land Premier has an abundance of developments to its name, it has always subscribed to a guiding design principle that seamlessly stitches all its projects together: timelessness.

From their residential condominiums to their subdivisions, every structure or element found within their developments exude the quiet sophistication and elegance—balanced with modern or contemporary elements—that their discerning market values.

In a recent partnership between Ayala Land Premier and fashion designer Vania Romoff, the two demonstrated how their design sensibilities so clearly complement each other. Following months of preparation, Romoff debuted her latest collection at the Park Central Towers showflat last July 8, an event that only validated her compatibility with the pioneering land developer: The two share in the belief of producing work that is consistently classic, timeless and elegant.

In fashion, this makes for pieces that stand the test of time and trends; in real estate, these are important tenets of design that help make their best projects appreciate in value over time. Though the end products differ, they both boil down to knowing what their clients want and doing their best to meet their needs.

Romoff at the collection debut in the Park Central Towers showflat

Photos by JL Javier

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