These days, it’s becoming more common and more stylish to have tiny potted plants adorning window sills and work desks, even bathrooms and bookshelves. House plants not only look adorable and neat, they also have practical properties that benefit those who are around them: they reduce stress, improve the quality of the air we breathe, and help us focus and even get better sleep. Self-care, after all, is also about surrounding yourself with what’s beautiful and refreshing.

It also helps to be around such bright pops of green. We’ve been made familiar with the various ways in which colors can affect our state of mind, and it makes sense that the elements we live with—finishes, furnishings, art, and other home accents—play an equally essential role in impacting our lives. This is an element that architects and designers frequently encourage homeowners to incorporate into homes, effortlessly invigorating spaces with vibrance and color.

Ayala Land Premier has worked to prioritize this very idea with Arbor Lanes, which sets a wonderful example of what seamlessly integrated flora can accomplish. Situated within the Arca South development, a 74-hectare masterplanned mixed-use development, Arbor Lanes is Ayala Land Premier’s flagship project in the area, conceived to place a premium on tranquil and luxurious garden living.

With more than half of the district occupied by greenery, Arbor Lanes strikes a brilliant balance between the urban and the natural. Everything about its design follows that vision: Its distinct building orientation capture the natural flow of the wind and minimize exposure to the sun, which means residents can enjoy pleasant conditions all year-round—not too warm and not too cold. One of its features, the Garden Terraces, are alcoves doubling as pocket gardens fused into the architecture of the buildings, which boast outdoor seating for particularly bright days when you feel as though staying in would be a waste, but you don’t want to leave the comforts of home. Its noteworthy Tree Wells—trees rooted from the basement parking that grow to reach the ground amenity level—are aimed toward injecting a piece of nature within the development. Select units also feature a garden lounge, which are private spaces that allow residents to expand their living rooms with their own pockets of greenery.

This desirable address provides easy access to transportation as well as office and commercial areas, but with plenty of green space to breathe in and admire. Some days, you might feel like you need to “escape” from the city—but here, the city becomes its own escape, where you can hit pause and celebrate life’s pleasant surprises. And most times, it all starts with surrounding yourself with refreshing innovations and bright ideas, happy thoughts and nature included.

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