By the time you read this, Ito Kish’s home won’t look quite like it does in the pictures.

“It’s not easy to control myself from getting something from the store,” he admits, referring to the retail arm of his brand, Kish Stories. That the interior and furniture designer also handpicks pieces for the shop doesn’t help when his buying trips include the mid-century heaven Scandinavia. Because of this, he claims to be in an editing phase now, moving or storing pieces.


Still, Asian influences figure prominently in his home. Having lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for five years in the beginning of his career, the region’s intricate and ornate aesthetic (usually rendered on wood) has had a big impact on his maximalist taste. In his study, framed traditional and contemporary Indonesian art take over most of the wall space.

Even in his bedroom the contrast between East-meets-West is harmonious because he goes for similar wooden finishes, like a mid-century bedside table side by side a hand-carved Indonesian headboard. In his dining room, it’s all about curves. The carvings on the Indonesian buffet and cabinets offset a minimalist dining table and S-shaped Panton plastic chairs. On the walls are Fornasetti plates and round gilded and molded mirrors.


He explains the somber, relaxed mood of his home was achieved by doing away with general lighting and relying on lamps as the artificial light source.

He does not have any of his designs in his home. “We have archives of the original pieces so I guess I always have this feeling that those archives are going to be mine anyway,” he says. He goes instead for cushy, modernist style couches.


There are also antlers aplenty, an obsession spurred by a trip to Copenhagen three years ago. He has four full antlers, one complete taxidermy of the head of a deer, and three other antlers in different sizes. These are aside from the halves that he displays with wood sculptures, carved ceramic vases (always with fresh flowers), and batik-print blown glass lamps from Indonesia that are scattered throughout his home, along with brass lamps in black and marble print shades.


How he achieves the eclectic mix and match look and feel? “It’s very easy for me to look at things and figure it out whether it’s beautiful, whether it will work or not, because everything is really by instinct.” He could pretty much be describing how he juggles four interrelated design arms, too. – Marbbie Tagabucba

Photos courtesy of Ito Kish

Ito Kish is located at 233 Nicanor Garcia, Makati.

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