Whether you were rushing out the door without breakfast or dragging yourself through a hectic work day, you’ve likely powered through with the help of a nearby bag of chips or a packet of crackers. Too often, the combination of busy days and a limited selection of smart snacks means that our health gets put on the back burner.

Raw Bites is working hard to remedy this reality. The local start-up is bridging the gap between time-starved individuals and healthy snack options with a delivery service that brings an assortment of local and international food brands right to people’s doorsteps.

Founded by Gail Go and Jane Dee, Raw Bites allows monthly subscribers to choose snack box options of up to 15 items, ranging from sampler sizes to full-size, premium items. With each Raw Bites Box, subscribers receive pre-selected products that fit at least two of the company’s five rules: no preservatives, no refined sugar, organic, vegan, or gluten-free.

“Although we do not promise any weight-loss or some form of healing by eating our snacks, we know that by substituting your regular junk-food chips for one of our bars, you’re on your way to a healthier and fitter you,” Go says.

Of course, better snacking is only one element of the equation. Taking things a step further, Go and Dee are also encouraging the adoption of a more holistic approach to healthy lifestyles by educating their clients. “Our website is more than just a shopping cart. We’ve worked hard to create the Our Journal page, where we post articles on nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness,” says Go, who knows that the local market is still in need of resources on healthy living that are both reliable and easy to understand. “We hope that our subscribers or anyone would frequently visit our website to get healthy recipes, debunk healthy myths, and get tips for a more balanced lifestyle.”
Learn more and subscribe to Raw Bites at www.rawbites.com.ph.

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