Chances are, this isn’t the first time you’re reading about Patricia Perez Eustaquio. A recipient of the Ateneo Art Awards and the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Awards, Eustaquio’s work spans various mediums, from paintings, sculptures, and drawings to fashion and even film production design. In 2009, she was Stichting id11’s artist in residence in the Netherlands; the following year she completed the Art Omi residency in New York. We haven’t stopped hearing of her since, whether through her local exhibits at Silverlens or news of her work being shown abroad. “I think that by being an artist, art becomes your life,” Eustaquio says.

Her designs can now be admired in an accessible collection of stationery by National Book Store. Eustaquio’s line—part of the Inspire with Passion series, National Book Store’s collaboration with designers and influencers including Rajo Laurel, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Cecile van Straten, Daphne Oseña-Paez, Cat Arambulo—is composed of a set of notecards, memo pads, and gift wrapping paper that combine practicality with her artistry.


Gift wrapper (P99 per roll), memo pad (P75), and set of 10 notecards (P209)


On her design process for the collection, she says, “Sometimes I choose things simply for their function. Other times, when I choose objects for their design, I’d say that an element of fun is part of why I’m drawn to them. I don’t like things that take themselves too seriously, or objects that just follow fads.”

“The collaboration is a fun thing, so I wanted to design items that people could really use. I focused on everyday stationery like the notepad and the occasional notecard and gift wrapper,” Eustaquio continues. “It’s important to balance form and function. Deciding which to give more weight to depends on what you’re designing.”


Patty Eustaquio


Fans of Eustaquio’s work will be ecstatic to find that Eustaquio’s chosen design motif—illustrations of the gumamela flower in blue and red ink—recalls the drawings from her solo exhibition “That Mountain is Coming,” mounted at the Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum in Paris in 2016.

“I wanted to add a more tropical feel to these items and make them more timeless so they can be used even beyond Christmas,” she explains. “For the cards and notepads, I wanted to add a gestural element to the paper, a kind of starting point for the hand to move as you doodle, make notes, or make lists. It takes away the banality and makes it more special.”


Available at National Book Store branches and online at


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