Ayala Land Premier and Casa de Memoria’s recent collaboration, The Casa Boutique, featured an exhibition and sale of covetable European objets d’art for the modern collector. In a conversation with Camille Lhuillier, one of Casa de Memoria’s founders, a glimpse into the auction house’s work and upcoming events.

 Casa de Memoria founders Angelique Lhuillier-Miranda (left) and Camille Lhuillier at The Casa Boutique at the Park Central Towers show flat

Tell us how Casa de Memoria came about and how it works.

Camille Lhuillier: My sister, Angelique Lhuillier-Miranda, who is our director, had a very big interest in art because of how we were raised, and we opened Casa de Memoria in 2016. Our family has a very big appreciation for international art and we grew up in a home that was very similar to what you see here, but with more traditional furniture pieces. She saw a niche for a different kind of auction house. The other auction houses here in Manila focus on local pieces, whereas ours focuses on more international pieces that are also unique. All of these pieces have age and are handmade, and you might not be able to find them anywhere else. We have an auction every two months, and our creative director, Miguel Rosales, helps us come up with our themes. It really depends on the items that are being consigned at a given time. Once a year we have an Oriental-themed auctions for our Oriental pieces. Other times, like for our upcoming auction in September, we have more interior design pieces and larger furniture pieces.

How are the pieces typically sourced? How did you curate the selection for the Casa Boutique?

These pieces are quite special and come from consignors we have worked with in the past. These select pieces are aligned with the Ayala Land Premier brand—so they’re all very luxe. We have, for example, a number of Baccarat pieces as well as beautiful ivory accessories. The pieces are all consigned to us. As an auction house, we act as a middle man, and we have clients who come in and who want to either grow their collections, or they might be older and are looking to move to a smaller home. We’re quite lucky to have the pieces we currently have.


Clockwise: Antiques and objets d’art that were on offer at The Casa Boutique

What else does Casa de Memoria offer?

We offer restoration and cleaning services, and we have partnerships with a few restorers [who help us with that]. If you come to Casa de Memoria with a piece that needs to be taken care of, we will facilitate that for you.

Casa de Memoria also diverts a portion of its sales to a cause.

That’s right. During our last auction we worked with Waves for Water, to which we donated a water tank for a small community in Negros that doesn’t have access to clean water. For our next auction, we are working with the Red Cross Gala. We will be donating a percentage of our sales to their foundation, as well as a piece for their own auction at gala night.

Casa de Memoria’s next auction, The Casa Interiors Auction, will be held on September 8 at Casa de Memoria, 156 Jupiter Street corner Comet Street, Bel-Air, Makati. The auction viewing will be from August 28 through September 7.

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