When it comes to gifting, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. When something is received in a fine box, perfectly-sized, wrapped so delicately in a knot of ribbons or a film of Japanese tissue — when both are done well, between what’s inside and the amount of thought given to its packaging, the gifting experience becomes so much more.

Making an impression has its own merits, but also, let’s face it. Presentation matters.   

It’s an idea made especially more poignant when you’re talking about the cow-emblazoned packages filled with rich biscuits from Japanese dessert shop Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (now serving at Greenbelt 5). Confected in a mingle of different cheeses (all flown in from Japan) made from farm fresh Hokkaido milk and white chocolate filling, these decadent bite-sized treats are known equally for their nuance of flavors and their ingenious approach to packaging — rip foil wrappers for each piece, assembled in elegant boxes.  

Departing from the strong Japanese tradition of gifting — wherein the act of giving is given precedence: the presentation and the thoughtfulness in which a gift is given — a box of biscuits from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory makes a strong case for the perfect last-minute gift. Each purchased order comes in 10 pieces of the same flavor or an assortment of 20.

Available in the classic flavor combinations of Salt & Camembert (their bestseller), Gorgonzola & Honey, Porcini & Gouda, and their own take on a classic Milk Cheesecake; Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory arrives in Manila just in time for the holiday season. Beat the rush and embrace the Zen of the seasoned shopper — for any eleventh-hour needs, don’t think twice. You know where to get the perfectly-packaged present.  – Martin Yambao
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is located at 2/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati.

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