Round glasses have always made quite a statement. Even toned down in dusky gold lenses, they evoke a sense of nostalgia for both wearer and bystander. Think la vie boheme in Marrakesh with Talitha Getty, or over a glass of L’Albertissimo and a John Steinback novel in Positano. Utterly relaxed but still mildly elegant, they ooze of holiday decadence regardless of dress code: worn over ripped jeans or the day’s workout gear works well in equal measure. Round glasses can soften the most angular jaw and turn the severity of a mid-morning gridlock mildly bearable from the back seat. Such is their power, it seems. — Margarita Buenaventura

Miu Miu sunglasses, P14,990, Eye Society. Michael Kors sunglasses, P9,990, Eye Society.

Photographed by Koji Arboleda

Styled by Francine Gacrama

Eye Society is located in G/F Avant Building, Jupiter, Makati City.

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