It’s never more exciting to stock up on new gear than the new year, when resolutions are fresh and productivity is high. There’s nothing like a new gadget to help kick off a fresh start — the best ones, after all, make the journey to self-improvement even sweeter. Finding the right one is naturally a trek of its own.

Digits, the company behind Digital Walker, has fashioned itself into the country’s tech curator, bringing the best of gadgets around the world that the local market will appreciate, according to CEO Charles Paw. Their Top Picks of 2017 feature a host of global products that exemplify a focus on functionality and superior make. Best of all, the cater to any aspect one one’s lifestyle: for physically active days, moments of adventure, and for daily tasks. Perhaps this time around, finishing one’s resolutions will be just as easy as starting them.

Fitness enthusiasts will love the Fitbit Charge 2 (P8,490). An upgrade from the famous fitness wristband, the Charge 2’s PurePulse heart rate tracking aids with improved calorie burns, which would help one maximize workouts. It’s equipped with SmartTrack advanced exercise recognition — it will guide in deep-breathing sessions with heart rate visualizations and cues for better breathing.

Road safety takes the front seat with the RoadEyes recsmart (P9,990). This state-of-the-art dashboard camera provides high-quality footage of one’s driving journeys.

For last minute adventures, the Black Eye Pro Kit (P6,790) is a worthy companion. The Pro Kit will elevate filming videos and taking photos with smartphones through its quality lenses, and is compact enough to keep in one’s pocket.

Far more than just a robot, the Sphero SPRK+ (P8,890) inspires curiosity and creativity through connected play. Encouraging the use of coding to create educational games, the SPRK+ is a handy gadget for the young and the young at heart.

A compact loudspeaker that packs a punch, the AUDIO PRO Addon T10 (P15,990) delivers massive wireless sound. Not only does it feature a powerful deep bass and a clear treble, its minimal look adds a touch of sleekness to any part of the house.

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