When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is to spend most of your vacation worrying about your belongings and making sure they’re safe and secure. What you need may just be the type of baggage that can withstand traveling and repel any unsavory attention.

Australian brand Pacsafe is just the way to go — whether you’re backpacking or taking a more luxurious route, they’ve got the carry-ons and the carry-alls suited for any traveler. Their bags and accessories all come with built-in features that’ll give you peace of mind, such as flexible stainless steel mesh material that keeps punctures and slashes away, sturdy straps and smart zippers, and even radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that protects your passports and cards against identity theft.


If you have comfort and style on the brain, no need to fret. Pacsafe’s bags are spacious, lightweight, and functional — we all need a little order amidst the chaos. They’ve even got three collections that are sure to fit your every need and whim: the waterproof Venturesafe X series for getting active and exploring; the street-savvy Slingsafe LX series for particularly busy urban lifestyles; and the chic Citysafe CS collection for taking it easy in the metro and wandering.

So no more holdups, in every sense of the word. Now the only one doing the seizing (of the day, of course) will be you. —Fiel Estrella

Pacsafe is located in Glorietta 5 G/F. It is also available at all branches of Urbanize, as well as in Soledad Nuvali, Serin, and The District in Cavite. For more information about Pacsafe products, go to their website or follow them on Facebook.

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