Rolls-Royce is possibly looking to go driverless. Earlier this year the company unveiled its first concept car, a self-driving vehicle replete with silk-lined seats with room enough for two.

Of course, the car has a long way to go before its makers can even consider taking it from the drawing board to the streets. In the meantime, today’s drivers are still free to enjoy the luxuries that come with sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle already outfitted with everything it needs to stop traffic. – Arianna Lim

Ghost Extended Wheelbase, price upon request, Rolls-Royce. Cane, P10,980, AC+632.

Photographed by Koji Arboleda

Styled by Francine Gacrama

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manila is located on 5th Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila. AC+632 is located in 2/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City. 

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