Windows of any kind have always been integral to any structure. They act as a preview, a tease of what lies behind on either side. This is why the perfect window arrangement — a restored Victorian nursing chair, perhaps, or even nothing at all — is enough to warrant a closer look.

Retail is no exception: we have all been a little guilty of stopping mid-stroll because of a window display that catches our eye. As of late we’ve found our necks craning to see the latest displays at Adora Department Store, the local source for cult brands such as Jaspal, Becca, and Penhaligon’s.


Adora’s window displays, as we’ve learned, may change with the season, but never fail to draw the eye. To celebrate Chinese New Year, the store featured a Chinois aesthetic that extended into the rest of the store. The Edition spoke to Adora’s creative team to learn more about the inspiration and the execution of their inspired facade.

Where does the team usually look for inspiration in coming up with the window displays? Is it because of the season (Christmas, for example) or a certain collection released by a brand?

We do factor in the seasons, such as Christmas/holiday, summer. But our main objective is to show customers that Adora is ever-evolving and ever-enticing. The windows give passersby a peek into what they can discover inside Adora.

What would say are the most memorable displays you’ve put together?

Our Christmas displays are always quite special. We always challenge ourselves to come up with a holiday theme that is not traditional but still tastefully executed.


Could you tell us a bit about what’s on display now? What kind of story did you want it to tell?

Our current display is about the changing of the season, as we head into the summer months. This is also symbolic for us as we transition into a new chapter for Adora, as part of the Rustan’s group.

What future displays should Adora clients expect in the future? What displays would you like to do?

To show customers that Adora is ever-evolving and ever-enticing. We want our customers to feel excited and always have something to look forward to.

Adora is located in 2/F, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.

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