The banig, a handwoven floor mat typically found in the Philippines, is made with various materials and types of reeds and rattan depending on its place of origin. Weavers from different tribes and provinces have passed on the art for generations, and though similar versions are made throughout Asia, the banig, with its exuberant patterns and colors, has somehow always seemed distinctly Filipino. What it hasn’t always been viewed as, however, is fashionable—until now.

A previously under-the-radar local brand, HaloHalo has reimagined the banig into something more contemporary and playful without losing sight of the banig’s history. HaloHalo’s iterations are less colorful and more understated, using the recycled plastic that has become the brand’s signature material. Its seasonless collection of small goods is now accompanied by the HaloHalo Home series, which, like the limited batch of designs that came before it, boasts pieces designed to last for a very long time.


Single banig mat in blue and pink

The Palengke bag, available in blue, gray, green, red, or brown

Fans of the bestselling Bayong, a roomy and functional bag that can be worn to the grocer or used creatively as a laundry hamper, storage, or planter at home, have the Palengke bag as well as other more compact bag designs to look forward to. An introduction to HaloHalo’s range of home products are the Sopa, a banig-wrapped ottoman packed with cushion-grade foam, and the Banig,  which can be used to define living spaces, taken to the beach, or used as a picnic mat. Available in three colorways, the banig also comes with a strap for easy transportation.


The Multo bag, a bucket bag with a crossbody strap

The Sopa, a round ottoman that can also function as a side table

“Our passion is putting together functional design, hand in hand with Filipino craft and ethically conscious decisions,” says Cara Sumabat, who founded HaloHalo alongside her brother Rocco back in 2013. “I’m still in shock with the amount of attention and the crazy response our small brand is getting. I feel incredibly humbled by the simple idea that we get to do what we do.”

Sold exclusively offline and at pop-up stores. Shop at and visit @halohalostore on Instagram.

Photographs by Ralph Mendoza
Styling by MJ Benitez

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